6th Brown Line

  • Project approved: 2007.
  • Start of construction: end of 2013.
  • Originally: Krasnoselsko-Kalininskaya line.
  • Current status: tunnels are being tunneled.

    Since the line is still under construction, and its project can (and will) changes are being made, we will display only those stations that have already been implemented somehow, even if their construction has not yet been completed.

    The purpose of the line is to unload in the city center 1st Red Line, cover the sleeping area of the southwest of St. Petersburg with the metro and bring the metro to the last part of St. Petersburg, where it does not exist at all - to the northeast of the city.

    Map diagram of the 6th line of the Saint-Petersburg metro
    Tunneling shield at the moment of connection of tunnels between the stations of the 6th line

    So far, only two stations have been implemented in metal and concrete:

    As information becomes available and the actual penetration of the remaining stations, we will add them here.