Yugo-Zapadnaya (under construction)

The name of the station is associated with its location in the historical residential area of Saint-Petersburg - in the Southwest ("Yugo-Zapad"). The theme of the station's design is the history of Krasnoye Selo (the southwestern outskirts of Saint-Petersburg) and its surroundings.

Judging by the description, the station will also be equipped with doors on side platforms, similar to stations of the "horizontal elevator" type.

The lobby building, in a single volume with the building of the administrative building of the metro, is hexagonal with an internal atrium and a translucent dome. The ground floor of the building, porches, ramps and parapets are lined with granite. The entrance groups are accentuated by portals of light stone cladding, as well as illumination of lamps built into the canopies. The interiors of the station are made in metal and natural stone.

The ticket hall of the lobby with an escalator on the ground floor of the building is a two-light space repeating the hexagonal shape of the building. The ceiling pattern is subordinated to the hexagonal shape of the hall, the built-in lamps radiate from the center to the corners. The escalator slope is accentuated by a decorative illuminated stained glass window located above it. The floor pattern contains the dynamics of passenger movement.

The main emphasis of the station design is made on the central hall of the platform. The walls of the station are lined with white marble. The dynamic space is given by the framing of passages in the form of structural arches with integrated LED lights in them. The set rhythm is maintained in the platform lining by alternating gray granite with red inserts in the passageways to the landing platforms. A cornice runs along the entire station, behind which the LED lighting of the station's vault is located.

The color scheme is monochrome with bright accents. Natural stone is used in the decoration. Granite of light gray and gray tones with dark red inserts accentuated the floors. The walls are lined with white marble. The ceilings, arches of the station and the inclined passage are aluminum panels with honeycomb filling with a predominance of white color with steel-colored inserts of structural arches in combination with a rack ceiling.

You can even admire the complete drawings of the station.

But since the station is still under construction, we can't show anything else yet.