Putilovskaya (under construction)

The name of the station is associated with the nearby Kirov Plant, which until 1922 bore the name of the outstanding industrialist Nikolai Putilov. He built this plant once. Accordingly, the theme of decorative compositions for the Putilovskaya station is the history of the Putilovsky plant.

Judging by the description, Putilovskaya will also be equipped with doors on side platforms, similar to stations of the "horizontal elevator" type.

The main compositional emphasis is placed on the central hall of the platform. Stainless steel arches with a pitch of 7.6 meters with integrated LED lights. The white ceiling and light floor of the platform visually expand the space, give a feeling of lightness and airiness.

The building of the ground lobby is formed by two rectangular volumes located at an angle to each other. One of the volumes, located along Vasya Alekseeva Street, is solved in the form of a gallery with double columns-pylons, which includes retail premises. The lobby has three floors — one underground and two above ground.

You can even admire the drawings of the ground station lobby.

But since the station is still under construction, we can't show anything else yet.