Bronevaya (project)

The time interval from the start of construction to commissioning is estimated for this station at five years. We haven't even started yet.

The project name of the station is associated with the railway station near which it will be located. Although there will be no normal transfer hub here - the distance from the future exit from the metro to the platform of the railway station in a straight line is about three hundred meters.

The design of the station will focus on military details, and fragments of tank armor are supposed to be used on the track walls. The name "Bronevaya" translates as "armored". Most likely, this is due to the historical role of the Bronevaya railway station - during the First World War, the products of the military Putilov plant were shipped here.

It is assumed that the station will have two exits. The first is towards the railway, the second is towards the intersection of Blagodatnaya Street and Novoizmaylovsky Avenue.

The demand for a metro station in this particular place is not obvious. The old industrial zone stretches around, and the period of its housing development is unknown. The station is needed in fact for the future as an interchange for the future Ring Line. Therefore, there is a possibility that the station will be commissioned first without exits to the city, and trains will transit it.