Technological Institutes, inter-station crossing

  • Opened: April 29, 1961

At the transfer hub of the Technological Institute stations, the human flow is mainly directed from the station Technological Institute-2 to the station Technological Institute-1. Just because trains going to the center arrive at the station Technological Institute-2, and from here you can go to the station Technological Institute-1 to move back to the outskirts on the other line. But trains arrive at the station Technological Institute-1 from the center filled with transfer hubs. There is no point in coming here from the center to take another line back to the center. So that's it.

So we will enter the transition from the station Technological Institute-2.

Here, on the wall at the end of the transition, a metal diagram of the Leningrad metro was displayed for a very long time. Until the era of the famous accident of 1995-2004 Размывru, when the tunnel between the stations Леснаяru and Площадь Мужестваru was flooded (photo on the right).

Now it's just an empty blank wall. It doesn't look good at all.

I wonder if there really are such ghouls who smoke in the subway?

The original tile finish has been preserved on the walls of the passage. But here, in the transition, some elements of the station's design are already penetrating Technological Institute-1.

The transition itself is quite short. One or two times - and already in front of us is a steep staircase down to the central hall Technological Institute-1.

The stairs are VERY steep. Probably the steepest staircase in the entire Leningrad metro. Previously, until some point, right from her railing, you could see the trains 2nd Blue Line below (photo on the left). But now this view, alas, is closed by screens.

The very place of exit from the transition to the expanse is very beautiful.

But this is already in the story about the station Technological Institute-1.