Technological Institutes, combined lobby

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  • Opened: November 15, 1955
  • Entrance to the station: lobby in the building of the Saint-Petersburg Metro Administration

The lobby of the Technological Institute-1 and -2 stations is the only combined lobby of two different metro stations in Saint-Petersburg. In all other cases, escalators from different stations lead to different buildings and structures.

Yes, the stations Technological Institute-1 and Technological Institute-2 form a single interchange node, but they are still different stations of different architecture, open at different times, with a transition Technological Institutes, inter-station crossing between them.

The lobby is located in the Saint-Petersburg Metro Administration Building, with the entrance facing one street and the exit facing another.

There is a rather narrow sidewalk and there is always a large flow of pedestrians, so it is not easy to catch the moment for shooting.

The style of the entrance hall for both stations is common, Stalinist. Without stupid economy.

Also, the lamps outside at the entrance and exit are designed in a general style.

But then the differences begin.

The exit hall of the station Technological Institute-1, an older, kosher one that was part of the Leningrad metro in the first place, is decorated in a royal way. Lots of beautiful details.

For example, a completely magical tree on the service doors.

When you look at all this carefully, the elaboration of details is fascinating. People were able to do.

Escalators and an inclined passage here have just been renovated.

The same exit hall of the station Technological Institute-2 much more utilitarian. It feels more like a modern square-nest architecture.

Rectangular shapes prevail here.

I can't say what inspired the architects to be so rectangular. But the desire to save money here catches the eye.

Here the escalators and the inclined passage are still old, there has not been much repair yet.

And then the exit from both stations merges into a common corridor. Beautiful again, because it was built as part of the first stage of the metro.

I never tire of being amazed at how beautiful the lamps were created as part of the first stage of the Leningrad metro.

In general, a very interesting and decent lobby. It is especially interesting to compare the architectural styles of the early 50s and early 60s.