Nevsky Prospekt-2

There's a lot of fun with this exit. It is called "Nevsky Prospekt-2", is actually a continuation of the station Gostiny Dvor, is built into the building of the Small Hall of the Philharmonic, goes to the Griboyedov Canal, and the people have a persistent name "Gribanal" (a clear abbreviation of the Griboyedov Canal).

The entrance is built into the building at the corner of the Griboyedov Canal and Nevsky Prospekt.

Small and cramped, it nevertheless passes through a huge traffic of passengers.

There are no decorations here. Everything is purely utilitarian. Just escalators diving underground.

At the bottom of the escalator is a hermetic door, apparently vertical, of the "guillotine" type. Behind it, the corridor bends rather steeply to the end of the station Gostiny Dvor, maintaining a certain downward slope.

Interestingly, this corridor used to be lit much brighter (photo on the left). But, apparently, the naked lamps hurt someone's eyes, and the lighting was redone, after which it became much darker here (photo on the right).

I understand that aesthetics are important, but not at the cost of semi-darkness in the aisle. The comparison is very clear.

At the end, the corridor goes exactly to the end of the station Gostiny Dvor to the transition Gostinka-Nevsky, transitions. Here, the escalator on the far right is the only one that always works down, the others go up.

From the side of the station, the exit looks very simple and concise.

There are no decorations here either. The only, but very unpleasant problem is that there is a crossing of human flows in this transition. It is unclear why they did this, but exactly in the middle of the transition, the streams of incoming and outgoing people are forced to intersect, changing the sides of the corridor along which they are walking. Collide, jostle and all that.

Stupid place. There's nothing to do here, in general.