Warm Pipe

The warm pipe got its nickname from the hippies who hung out here in the good Soviet years. It was the first underground passage in Leningrad, and in winter the flow of warm air from the subway warmed it up considerably.

In the Warm pipe, the lighting is poisonous yellow.

In the process of moving to the entrance to the subway, you can notice massive doors. But these are not hermetic doors, these are ordinary gates. They are not airtight and seem to close tightly.

There is an escalator hall and ticket offices behind the entrance doors of the metro.

But there are no decorations here at all. A purely utilitarian entrance.

The hermetic door is located at the lower end of the escalator, around the corner of the corridor. Apparently, it is vertical, like a "guillotine".

Before the reconstruction in 1998, there were three more small escalators, but during the renovation they were replaced by a flight of stairs.

From here, from the platform, you can look at the station Nevsky Prospekt over the heads.

But at exactly 23:00 the Warm pipe closes for the night :)