Sennaya-Spasskaya, crossing

The transition between the stations Sennaya Ploshchad and Spasskaya is the most terrible and disgusting in the entire metro of Saint-Petersburg. Whoever designed it needs to tear off his balls. But we will start the story about the transition from its positive end - from the station Spasskaya.

The entrance to the passage is located directly from the end of the station and consists of four escalators somewhere not far up.

These are the same escalators that were originally made through the ass and constantly broke down.

At the top, the entrance to the escalators is blocked instead of barriers with new-fangled bright red curtains.

Here the streams of people are finally separated. People going to the station Sennaya Ploshchad get into a narrow straight tunnel. This tunnel goes under a noticeable upward slope, it is very inconvenient and cramped to walk along it. Almost immediately we see a hermetic door - a sliding type "wardrobe".

In the distance, you can see a terrible staircase above the tunnel 2nd Blue Line. The staircase is completely unsuitable for the disabled, very narrow and very steep. It's very easy to fall off it and break your legs. The photo on the left is from the hermetic door, and the photo on the right is from the station Sennaya Ploshchad.

For these stairs, for their narrowness and steep slope, for a pedestrian tunnel for dwarves with such an angle of inclination that it is terribly inconvenient to go up and down, just need to tear off the architects of their balls. In general, it is unclear how, even in the dashing 90s, such a drawing could pass at least some kind of examination before construction.

Oh, yeah. Let's look at the entrance to the transition from the station Sennaya Ploshchad. Here we see a panel with the dates of the triple renaming of Saint-Petersburg. To me, who was born here, all three names are very dear - Petersburg, Petrograd, Leningrad. The transition begins right to the right of this panel.

Moving back to the station Spasskaya and again overcoming this terrible staircase, we find ourselves in the same narrow curved corridor. At the far end of which we also see a hermetic door.

Why am I so sure it's these hermetic doors of the horizontal "wardrobe" type? Because the guiding rail track is clearly visible in their upper opening.

Well, right behind this hermetic door are those escalators down to the station Spasskaya. It's simple :)